I have designed and managed projects centered around capacity building, community mobilization and advocacy and communications on countering violent extremism, gender equality, interfaith harmony, freedom of press, civic education and climate justice.

Below are some details about projects designed and implemented by me:

Strengthening women and minority voices in community journalism and digital media through capacity building, networking and advocacy

Within this project funded by the International Programme for the Development of Communication ( IPDC) - A body of the UN, I created video modules designed to equip female and religious minority journalists with the skills to safely and impactfully cover stories related to themes of gender and discrimination.

These modules are an open source for journalism students and community journalists. I and my team further trained 20 women and religious minority journalists from across Pakistan and built their capacity in digital media and appreciative inquiry.

Digital module available here

Strengthening Climate Change Discourse on Digital Platforms

I partnered up with UNESCO and created a 5 part podcast that addresses the issues of climate crises and Pakistan’s dwindling water resources.

We interviewed climate experts, politicians and policy makers with a specific focus on the Indus Basin. The series featured high profile guests like Pakistan’s former Minister of Climate Change, Sherry Rehman.

Sample of podcast series:

Documenting and Promoting Local Narratives of Tolerance and Inclusion in Central and South Punjab

Within this project the capacity of 150 youths from Lahore and Multan was built in civic education, peacebuilding and citizen journalism.

We further selected 60 participants that went on to develop 18 documentary films showcasing the culture of tolerance and co existence found within the sufi and folk traditions of central and south punjab.

These films were screened at local community events to encourage peaceful co-existence and interfaith harmony.

Watch the short films created by the participants here

Promoting interfaith harmony through folk and sufi music

Under this project we aimed at rejuvenating folk and sufi music culture in South Punjab as a tool for peace promotion while simultaneously creating a sustainable business model centered around the economic empowerment of these musicians.

We identified 14 musicians (7 men and 7 women) from South Punjab and built their capacity in digital marketing and social media advocacy.

We further paired them up with urban music producers and created a 14 song musical album.

Official music album with videos here

Human Rights Advocacy Using Video and Interactive Theatre

As the programs director at IRC, I have been working with the National Endowment for Democracy for over 9 years now.

Under this particular project we engaged over 100 youth opinion leaders, journalists and community activists in forum/interactive theater, citizen journalism and visual arts as an advocacy tool for civic action.

We created various art based civic education tools such as three theater plays that break down the first chapter of the constitution of Pakistan as well as various digital stories and explainer videos that focus on the issue of climate change through the lens of civic action.

Samples of work created by workshop participants:

Creation of a Critical Mass By Engaging Youth Opinion Leaders in Digital Literacy and Cross Cultural Understanding

I designed and implemented this particular project in collaboration with the US Embassy, Islamabad. We identified and trained 50 Youth Opinion Leaders from across Pakistan.

During an 8-day intensive camp, we focused on building their capacity in digital literacy and various technical online tools, with a goal of promoting themes of gender equality, interfaith harmony, peaceful coexistence, and digital security.

These individuals were divided in groups of 4 to pitch us online campaigns.

One of them resulted in the creation of an online app designed to educate Pakistan’s on their digital rights.